Shift Lens App 2.5

New Feature

Possibility to convert curve to straight line and vice versa. Curve tools are now calculated by data-parallel computations using graphics processors - the highest level of performance is achieved.

Angle Straighten

Correct Horizontal Tilted images in the clockwise or counterclockwise direction against the slope in the image.

Vertical Straighten

Correct tilted image curvature and also is suitable for barrel-curved images.

Horizontal Straighten

Correct panoramic images and pincushion curved deformations.

Advanced Vertical Straighten

Advanced Straighten tools allow user to determine how straightens will perform. The user determines what will be straightened - Guide Curve(s) and how to implement correction - Leading Curve(s). Advanced Vertical Straighten corrects the image in the vertical plane.

Advanced Horizontal Straighten

Similar to the Advanced Vertical Straighten tool. It allows the user to determine how straightens will perform in the horizontal plane.

Shift Lens App 2.5 Help Page

To see Shift Lens App 2.5 in action and how to use all tools, observe these pages where everything is explained in detail.