Shift Lens App accepts every 16 bit per channel RAW file format supported by the current OS X:

  • Adobe RAW
  • Canon 2 RAW
  • Canon RAW
  • Fuji RAW
  • Kodak RAW
  • Minolta RAW
  • Nikon RAW
  • Olympus RAW
  • Sony RAW, etc

8 bit per channel Image file formats like:
tiff, TIFF, tif, TIF, jpg, JPG, jpeg, JPEG, jpe, JPE, jp2, JP2, bmp, BMP are supported.

16 bit per channel TIFF files are also supported.

If the input image is a file of type RAW or jpeg, the output file will be 64 bit TIFF. For an input image of 8 bit per channel TIFF, the output image will be 32 bit TIFF.

There are 2 zoom views: Zoom to Fit and Actual Size. Zoom to Fit view is suitable for initial positioning and coarse curves shaping. User can add as many curves as needed. Also, every new curve contains a chosen number of curve Segments. Every curve Segment contains 2 anchor points and 2 control points.

Shift Lens App 2.0 performs straighten per point base and is resolution independent. To straighten the curved line on the subject, the shape curve should precisely cover the curved line in the image. Sometimes 2 curves are enough - if You want to be sure that every vertical curved line in the image should be straightened, add and shape as many curves as You find necessary.

To duplicate some curve, first select it and then press Command d - this feature is allowed in Horizontal Straighten and Vertical Straighten.

Unlimited levels of Undo and Redo.